IFC viewer (BIM mode) (2023)

OpenProject BIM includes a very advanced IFC viewer for viewing and interacting with 2D and 3D building models.

IFC files can be downloaded and viewed directly in your browser without installing any additional software on your computer.


The BCF module includes a very advanced IFC viewer. Here is a brief overview of the available user actions:

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (1)

  1. IFC model viewerto view the building model directly in OpenProject BIM.
  2. IFC tree templateto display the structure of the IFC model and show/hide elements.
  3. TheThe tool is OpenProjectshows the most important user actions, such as creating new problems (BIM), importing and exporting BCF files, changing OpenProject views, and loading and downloading IFC models
  4. TheSquare appearanceto rotate the building model.
  5. TheThe IFC Viewer is a toolfor interaction with the building model (e.g. changing the perspective, hiding/showing elements, selecting elements and cropping the building model)

Import and Export Model IFC

In the BCF module you can manage your IFC files. You can upload new building models and download existing files. Just click"Modeli IFC" - Gumbon the OpenProject toolbar.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (2)

To upload your first IFC model, click the green "+ IFC Model" button. A new explorer window will open. Just go to the folder where the latest building model is stored.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (3)

Select the desired file and confirm the transfer. You also have the option to set the new model as "Default Model". All default models (multiple models can be set by default) are initially displayed after reloading the BCF module. You can change this setting later.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (4)

After loading the building model in the "model manager" you will get an overview of all models. There you can see the current loading status, rename the model, delete or download existing models.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (5)

If there is already a model in the project, you don't need to open the "model manager" to transfer other models. You can add more models by clicking the Add button in the IFC model tree.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (6)

I remember:If there are multiple models, you can hide the entire model or individual elements using the checkbox in the model tree.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (7)

How to rotate a building model

To rotate the IFC model, left-click the building view irotate the building model by displacementcursortheuse thisSquare appearancein the lower right corner for navigation.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (8)

The IFC-Viewer toolbar has several functions described below. All user actions are related to the browser and can be initiated by clicking a button.

Reset the display

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (9)

If the building model (or objects in the model) has been rotated, scaled or cropped and you want to restore the current view, this function will be helpful. Just press the button once and the view will return to its default settings.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (10)

2D/3D projection

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (11)

If the building model can be easily rendered in 2D or 3D. This mode is very popular for looking deeper into a building (e.g. to see a floor plan). To take full advantage of this feature, you can combine the 2D view with hidden elements (as shown below).

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (12)

View spelling

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (13)

The default behavior of the OpenProject BIM model viewer is perspective view. The perspective camera provides more depth information. Distant objects are smaller than near ones. This function changes from a perspective view to an orthographic view. The orthographic representation is widely used in engineering. All objects appear to be the same scale and parallel lines remain parallel. Also, a length unit of the same length appears anywhere on the screen. This makes it easier to estimate relative sizes.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (14)

Proper viewing

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (15)

This function allows you to reset the current zoom level and position of the building model. The button resets the magnification and position of the building model so that the entire model is visible and centered.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (16)

First person perspective

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (17)

The first-person perspective changes the way you interact with the building model. The user no longer rotates the entire building model around an axis. Now he has the opportunity to change his point of view. When the first-person perspective is turned on, the viewer behaves similarly to the real world, and the camera moves in a way comparable to the movement of the head.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (18)

How to cut a model of a building

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (19)

To get a better look at the building model, you can cut out the entire building. To start cutting, click onscissors symbol" from the centerThe IFC Viewer is a tooland left click on the element that has the same angle you want to cut (you can also edit this angle later). Some arrows are now visible. Grab one and cut the model by dragging the arrow to the desired position.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (20)

How to clean slices

It can be used to clean all incisionsdrop-down listmenu next to "scissors symbol" from the centerIFC viewer toolbar.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (21)

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (22)

How to select items

To select elements in the building model, enable selection mode by clicking the highlighted toggle button located onThe IFC Viewer is a tool. Once selection mode is enabled, you can select one or more items in the browser by clicking the left button. Your individual selection will not be canceled when you exit selection mode. You can restore the current selection using the context menu (right-click).

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (23)

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (24)

Show properties

You can see the basic properties of each element (e.g. UUID) in OpenProject BIM. After using the "Info" button, a new tab called "Properties" will appear.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (25)

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (26)

To display data for individual objects, use the context menu and simply select the "Check properties" option from the menu. All object properties will be displayed in a new tab.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (27)

But be careful!The properties of the item you just clicked will be displayed. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that there are no undesirable objects (e.g. window panes) in front of the desired object.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (28)

Show or hide items using the browser

There are two ways to hide items in the browser. Thefirst possibilityis to use itIFC viewer toolbar. Inside the toolbar you will find"hide button"

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (29)

With "Hide Mode" enabled, any item you click (left mouse click) will be hidden.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (30)

Theanother possibilityTo hide individual elements through the browser, use the context menu. Here you will find the function of hiding individual elements.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (31)

You can always show hidden items with itEraser "Reset View".in the browser toolbar or use it"Look at Everything" Buttonin the IFC model tree.

Sometimes it's useful to see items in context with other items, but a good overview can be compromised by individual items. In this case, our browser may display a model of your building in "X-ray" mode. This feature can be activated via the context menu and allows unpleasant items to appear in the context of other items without obscuring them.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (32)

Displaying items in a tree model

To be sure whether to hide or select the desired element, you can find that element in the IFC model tree.

All you need to do is open the context menu of the desired item and select the "Show in Explorer" function. Now the model tree bends to the desired element.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (33)

Show or hide models or elements via the model tree

If you have uploaded multiple IFC building models (e.g. one for each discipline - architecture, construction and MEP) and want to see a single model or just want to hide certain elements, you can hide them by changing the statecheck box in the model tree.

The model tree can show the structure of a building model in different ways. This means that you can hide entire models, floors or even similar elements with one click.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (34)

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (35)

After switching to the "Classes" tab in the model tree, all elements are grouped according to the IFC classification. You can also hide entire groups. In the example, all elements of type "IFCWall" will be hidden.

IFC viewer (BIM mode) (36)


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