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Effective and affordable Glen Iris bee removal and control

Bees cause painful stings that can cause an allergic reaction in the human body. This can be fatal in some situations. As soon as you find swarms of bees and a new hive in or around your home or business, be careful.

Not only are bees a nuisance and dangerous to your family, but they can also cause significant damage to your property. We offer effective and affordable bee removal at Glen Iris.

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Our experienced bee pest control experts will arrive at your home and business premises within an hour of your appointment being confirmed. The service appointment includes an inspection of bee species, severity of infestations, removal of swarms of bees, and identification of potential swarm and nest threats.

You can easily avail these services through our 24/7 fast and emergency support. This will give you a bee-free environment quickly. Call us today for an express quote!

What do you need to know about bee swarms?

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Bees often build nests and hives in building cavities that require expensive repairs if left unattended for long periods of time. Honey from a beehive can cause significant damage to your home.

A beehive can engulf the voids of your plaster house. As soon as you notice bubbling swarms on your walls or ceiling, don't touch them. We recommend that you call in professional experts to remove the unwanted bees.

Like ants and wasps, bees belong to the insect order Hymenoptera. They are mostly solitary and not aggressive. In fact, most of them are too small to cause a significant bite or become a threat unless you are allergic.

Although most bee species in Australia are solitary and rarely infest a home, this does not rule out the possibility of bee infestation. Both solitary bees and social bees can cause an infestation.

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Invasive European bees are another known criminal responsible for a bee infestation in Glen Iris homes. It is not uncommon for these species to build nests in walls, trees and sheds.

Bees are the most important pollinators in the world. They are dedicated to collecting nectar and water drops from spring flowers. With the collected nectar they build a beehive and make honey in it. Bees are equipped with stingers that release venom all at once.

Their spines usually remain in the affected animal or human, releasing venom and other compounds that alert nearby bees to the danger. If a person is allergic, the consequences can be significant, including death.

Australian native bees

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Sugar cane bee (Exoneura)

They are one of the least known native bee species due to their modest size. Their detection requires a high level of detail. Their bodies are tiny, black, and elongated. Due to their small size, they are difficult to find.

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Stingless social bee (Austroplebeia)

Stingless social bees are about 4 mm long. They are the smallest native Australian bees and are black in color. Social stingless bees are known to build their nests in tree trunks, but they will also infest the wall of a wooden structure.

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Biene homalictus

Many females can live in existing colonies, making them semi-social. Despite their modest size (slightly larger than stingless bees and sedges), Homalictus bees come in a wide variety of colors. They usually build nests in burrows and similar places.

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bee honey

Bees are a type of flying insect. They can be found on every continent except Antarctica. These swarms of bees are social insects that live in colonies. A single queen, a few hundred drones, and thousands of worker bees make up the population of their hives.

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European wasp

They have a stout abdomen with bright yellow and black bands and two black dots on each yellow band. They live in huge communal nests with only a small entrance hole. Their nests are usually built underground or in walls, ceilings, logs, or hollow trees. Their chewed wood fiber nests are found in ceilings, wall cavities, logs, logs, and dirt.

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social scooter

Most of these wasps in a colony are workers or non-breeding offspring of the nest queen who builds the nests. They gather food and take care of the queen's offspring.

How do bees build their nests?

Anyone who has ever seen a bee's nest up close knows that it is made of paper. They use aged wood to build them. They chew the wood of old fences or porches into a mushy pulp that binds with their saliva.

The insects then convert the pulp into hexagonal paper cells. After the queen and part of her colony have decided where to thrive, the worker bees first lay the number of cells needed for egg laying. These nests eventually grow to 200 cells. Once these swarms have established themselves in trees or bushes, they move to a new location within a few hours.

They look like an umbrella from the outside and are hung in sheltered places such as eaves, porches, tree branches and railings. Wasp nests are commonly found in walls, roofs, basements, attics, and garages or sheds.

As soon as you notice these nests or swarms on your property, contact us immediately. We offer you swarm and bee removal services. Our licensed beekeepers are available 24/7!

Same day bee control services at Glen Iris

Taking care of swarms of bees yourself is significantly cheaper than hiring professional pest controllers who will remove the bees and solve your bee problems in the same day. However, before dealing with these errors, you need to fully understand the issue.

Therefore, it is best not to wait and you should seek professional same-day bee control assistance as soon as possible.

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Unlike many other bee control companies, we offer the most effective pest control services at no additional cost for same day consultations when it comes to bee and hive removal.

Call now to safely remove bees from your property!

Emergency bee care solutions at Glen Iris

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When aggressive bees concentrate in residential areas, it becomes a big problem. Once you've noticed hives in your current enclosure or lawn, it's time to contact a professional beekeeper and take advantage of Glen Iris' emergency removal service.

Our bee removal experts are well versed in the most modern methods of bee and hive removal. The services we offer are efficient and timely through our 24/7 emergency bee care solutions.

We do not leave home or work until we are absolutely certain the bees have been safely removed.

Importance of bee control and removal service at Glen Iris

You should contact a professional wasp treatment provider immediately if you see a wasp nest in your home or yard for the following reasons:

  • Wasps are not friendly insects, and even the slightest disturbance can cause them to be alerted and attack anyone nearby.
  • If you are stung by a bee, you may need immediate medical attention.
  • Depending on the size of their nests and the number of wasps, they can attack hundreds of people at once.
  • Wasps can sting multiple times and attack people who approach their nests.

Most importantly, never attempt to remove wasp nests yourself as you may not have the necessary tools and experience. Also, insects are very unpredictable by nature, so it's best to look for specialists who can do the job for you. Don't hesitate to call us for beehive removal for your home and business.

Our bespoke bee and wasp control method at Glen Iris

We offer a comprehensive bee removal pest control service to Glen Iris residents and businesses. Inspection, a personalized treatment plan and ongoing maintenance recommendations are part of our treatment approach.

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full inspection

Our experienced Glen Iris wasp pest control professionals will come to your home or business and conduct an inspection. The assessment includes identifying the species of wasps that have infested your property, the severity of the infestation, and potential threats related to the wasp nest.

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Elimination and treatment of bees.

Based on the inspection results, we will provide you with a personalized treatment plan for the safest and most effective bee removal treatment. The treatment plan describes the type of extraction procedure, the expected result, the duration of the treatment, and any follow-up care that may be required.

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Before the start of the procedure, we will explain the treatment plan to you in order to ensure excellent and problem-free care.

The treatment method is completed according to plan. Depending on the severity of the infestation, we can use a combination of several solutions. In our pest control treatments we use high quality methods that are safe to perform.

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follow-up inspection

After the required treatment process has been completed, another full inspection of your Glen Iris property will be carried out. This is to ensure that all swarms of bees are eradicated. We also share prevention tips you can use to avoid future infestations.

Removal of resident swarms of bees in Glen Iris

Our Glen Iris beehive removal services are totally customer friendly and efficient from start to finish. We are available 24/7 to complete the job.

Our company's skilled and experienced professionals have expertise in bee removal for any home in Glen Iris. Our beekeeper will appraise your home property and provide you with the most effective way to safely remove bees from your home, all at a great price.

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Use our bee removal service for your home by making an appointment!

Commercial bee control services in Glen Iris

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We provide commercial bee removal services to a variety of businesses and industrial sites in Glen Iris. Our team will work with you to protect your business and reduce the risk of product contamination and property damage from bees.

Regardless of whether you are a large company or a family business, you will find the beekeeping services that meet your needs with us.

Call Glen Iris Commercial Bee Removal Service now and request a quick quote!

Tips for avoiding swarms of bees in Glen Iris

Preventing wasp nests and swarms from occupying your property will protect you and your family from their terrible stings. Making precise changes to your daily routine and food storage can help keep wasps from becoming a nuisance. This is how you can prevent an infestation.

Exit for a swarm of bees and beehives

Look for wasp nests and swarms outside of your home and garden. They are initially the size of a tennis ball but can grow to be the size of a football without treatment. You should look for their nests in attics, garage sheds, garden dividers, and other outbuildings.

Keep windows and doors closed

Once the swarm of bees has left your property, keep the windows and front door fully closed to keep wasps out.

be alert

If bees are spotted, make sure your children and playmates, even dogs, stay clear of the area.

Detecting the presence of bees in or around your home is not difficult. The most important thing is to better understand the behavior and habits of the species. The hard part is deciding what steps you need to take to solve the dilemma. We recommend calling professional beekeepers for Glen Iris swarm removal. Our company is recommended by many residents, business owners and even many real estate agents in Glen Iris for our prompt service.

Professional hive removal in Glen Iris

Bees pollinate plants and play an important role in our agriculture. Swarms of native and European bees have declined sharply in recent years due to pests and disease. Bees are necessary to the long-term survival of our food chain, but wild hives need to be relocated.

Our experienced beekeepers and pest technicians are not only qualified to remove bees from your facility, they are also trained to find the root cause of your bee problem. Our same-day and emergency services are available in Glen Iris and the surrounding suburbs to get you a bee-free environment for your commercial or residential property as quickly as possible.

All treatments are carried out by professionally registered and qualified beekeepers to ensure the job is done efficiently. To ensure your issue is fully resolved we always adhere to Australian standards and only use the best tools and solutions.

For treatment at your home or business, all of our professionally trained beekeepers offer the utmost care and work closely with you to resolve your concerns. Contact us today for friendly, professional service!

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