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The bee can be a nuisance and a source of irritation both in business and in private life. In spring it is common to see these pests clustering in groups around their hives. Bee and wasp stings can cause severe and even fatal allergic reactions in some people.Pest Control Glen Iris Pest Controlrecognizes the value of the bee in our ecosystem. That's why we truly believe in providing our own.Glen Iris Bee ControlServices that remove annoying bees without killing or harming them in any way. Call us now for a professionalGlen Iris bee pest controlServices.

The difference between a swarm and a nest.

1. Swarm:

It consists of newly hatched adult bees that are temporarily hanging from a branch or bush. While the others remain in this group, some of these insects are looking for a new home, and they all move to their new homes as soon as the scout bee sees them. A swarm contains no pollen or comb.

2. Honeycomb:

These insects like shady corners to build their nests and may choose a small spot in the frame of your house or a hole in a tree. These pests store honey and pollen in their nests while raising their young.

Type of bee species in Glen Iris

1. European or western bee:

These tiny bees were introduced to Australia to increase the country's honey production and are easily identified by their brown and yellow striped bodies. Although they can sting when threatened, their stinger is contained in the victim's skin along with the venom.

2. Native bee:

If you think this species lives close to your home in Glen Iris, it is distributed across Australia and includes over 1,500 bee species ranging in size from 2mm to 24mm.

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These insects are more likely to bite. Most native bees do not store honey and have tiny nests, while 10 species live in large colonies with numerous worker insects as well as queens and drones.

Our Bee Control Glen Iris process

EmPest Control Glen Iris Pest Control, we analyze the infestation, determine the cause, eliminate the pests and advise on preventing future infestations.

1. Inspection

After examining the contaminated premises, our pest controllers investigate the bee's whereabouts and behavior. Bee species, access sites, nesting sites, colony size and colony lifespan are identified.

2. Treatment strategy

Based on our findings, we developed a personalized treatment strategy to rid your home of bee infestations. The treatment plan provides precise procedures and instructions for residents to follow throughout the process.

3. Eradication methodology

To eliminate bees from your property, our pest control specialists use eco-friendly sprays, insecticidal powders and granules based on the bee treatment plan.

4. Chemical treatments

Control and elimination are achieved by chemical treatments. These treatments, which can be powders or liquids, are applied to the property after a thorough assessment and understanding of how to erect a protective barrier for the home or structure.

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Is your commercial property threatened by a bee infestation?

As you might have guessed, contact with these insects can be painful, fatal and expensive. The impact is not limited to you; All family members, friends, co-workers and pets are also at risk. Also, damage to your home or business can significantly affect your wallet. Call to make an appointment to clear your workspace.

Glen Iris Residential Bee Control

It's not an uncommon event. You returned home to Glen Iris and discovered a swarm of bees the size of a spherical sphere. A swarm can contain thousands of bees, which means their accumulation in your home can be dangerous! Get in touch with ourGlen Iris bee pest controlTechnicians to eliminate them without harming your loved ones.

Did you know that these dangers come from bees?

Did you know that their bites can also cause inflammation, swelling and itching? While this might not be very serious in some circumstances, there is a chance that a bite could be very painful in others.

Also, it can be significantly worse for allergy sufferers. An allergic reaction can be potentially fatal if not treated immediately by medical personnel. In other words, a bee sting can be painful, but it can also be deadly. Think how much worse things can get when you suffer a swarm attack! Don't risk trying to remove them yourself. Hire a trustedGlen Iris Bee Removalcompany as soon as possible.

If you find a hive, avoid it.

Bee can quickly detect your attack by smell; When threatened, they immediately transmit chemical messages to their kin and launch a powerful defensive attack. You must be careful of the implications if you try to get rid of the hive yourself. Hives are often quite complicated and located in the most remote and difficult to access areas. When removing, you must wear protective clothing.

What to avoid when removing

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  • Never approach the hive
  • Use of extinguishers
  • Spray them with water and use chemical sprays.

All this would bother you and you would end up with spikes on your body.

Why choose Pestico Pest Control Glen Iris?

Pestico Pest Control offers this:

  • Fast, efficient and reliable service
  • 100% job security
  • Treatments for the safe eradication of bees
  • Treatment does not affect "beneficial" bees or bees native to the area
  • Tips to avoid future problems from a professionalGlen Iris Bee RemovalExperts |
  • Dates that suit you
  • Friendly and experienced team
  • Best price and guaranteed service

Glen Iris Bee Removal FAQ

1. What is the best way to get rid of a bee infestation?

Responder:Do not try to control or eliminate these insects yourself, as you could end up hurting your loved ones, yourself and the insects. Hire an expert to remove them easily.

2. What are the symptoms of a bee infestation?

Responder:If you see grass clippings and a strange smell, as well as a swarm buzzing around your home and yard, you might suspect an infestation. You might also notice them in the mulch pile in your yard. That should be proof enough to apply.Glen Iris bee pest controltreatments and removal services.

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3. What is the typical cost of bee removal and control services?

Responder:Get in touch with ourGlen Iris Bee ControlProfessionals who will assess your property and recommend how the treatment should be carried out for optimal relief. They will also provide you with a price quote for their services. call the042 487 6016to receive a free call estimate.

4. Which bee species are most likely to nest on my property?

Responder:Commercial bees that are not native to Australia or Glen Iris are likely to breed on your property. A professional visit from an exterminator can assist in the accurate identification and development of a control and removal service system that ensures reliable treatment.

5. How to get rid of bees naturally?

Responder:Even if you can take some natural precautions to prevent an infestation or swarms from entering your home, you may not be able to control them organically. Hiring expert services to develop a control and removal system is the best method to protect everyone on your property and the structure of your home.

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