Best ATV Insurance 2023 (2023)

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Owning an ATV or UTV is usually a big investment. The truck, trailer, equipment, maintenance, and fuel all add to the cost of the actual unit. Protecting that investment is important, especially when you consider that anything can happen off the road. You insure your cars, trucks, and homes, so why not cover your ATV with the best possible ATV insurance?

I currently insure 4 ATVs: three dirt bikes and a Polaris RZR Turbo S 4. 2021. I have $500,000 in personal injury and $100,000 in property damage for all four vehicles that cover collision, collision, theft, fire, no deposit. Riders, etc. My total ATV insurance cost with a clean, claim-free driver's license is $1,478.00 per year. It's money well spent and covers any foreseeable accident or damage.

How to choose the best ATV insurance for you.

How to choose ATV insurance

The best way to choose ATV insurance or UTV insurance is usually to work with a company that also offers auto, home, or other insurance. This usually results in a discount. Adding another insurance bill to be paid by another provider is always tedious. If you can add it to an existing policy, go there first.

Most auto insurers now offer ATV/UTV/motorcycle insurance. Comprehensive, collision, fire, theft, and more options are usually available, and the policies work much like auto insurance. Please note that all aftermarket accessories must be listed when writing the policy as most ATV or UTV insurance policies are issued for stock vehicles and parts.

When you need ATV insurance and when you don't

If the investment in your vehicle is small and you don't feel the financial burden if something happens and it becomes permanently inoperable, you may not need ATV insurance. When financing your prized (and expensive) off-road toy, ATV insurance is absolutely necessary and often required. Insurance of your expensive 4x4 is also necessary when traveling to destinations. When you leave your property with your vehicle, you run a small risk of theft. If you are camping in crowded areas, I recommend locking your vehicles with cables to protect them.

What Does ATV Insurance Cover?

In general, ATV, UTV, and motorcycle policies work like car policies. They include liability insurance for both personal injury and property damage. Many will include medical payment supplements. Uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance is another option that also includes surcharges for personal injury and property damage. If selected, collision and comprehensive insurance are also available. Securities are generally valued at their face value or cash value at the time they are called. If you have a lot of expensive add-ons installed on your ATV, it's best to request them ahead of time!

best forProgressive

As one of the nation's top insurers and #1 motorcycle insurer, Progressive has a great ATV/UTV department that is considered fairly easy to work with. Most brokers and traders I spoke to said Progressive was quick to respond. Progressive offers discounts for things like safety courses, multiple policy discounts, early payment discounts, responsible driver discounts, and more. Progressive still claims full replacement cost and no depreciation on parts.

What Does Progressive ATV Insurance Cover?

Basic protection for progressive policies includes personal injury and property damage, uninsured or uninsured motorists, collision and collision damage waiver, and medical payments. Optional New Vehicle Replacement Total Loss coverage, Trip Interruption Assistance, Baggage Insurance, No Excess and Extended Injury Protection are also available.

Progressive ATV/UTV insurance is affordable, easy to use and affordable. They're #1 in motorcycle insurance for a reason. Basic coverage options come in three packages: Basic, Choice, or Plus. Online applications are easily accessible atProgressive ATV Insurance Websiteor by calling 855-347-3939. USAA members can also save money on coverage through USAA's partnership with Progressive, which is possiblefound here.

best forGeiko

Best ATV Insurance 2023 (2)

This cheeky British lizard made Geico a household name, and ATV owners note that Geico is another customer favorite. Geico insurance tends to be slightly more expensive than Progressive insurance, but their basic policies are very similar. Collision, Third Party, Personal Injury, Comprehensive Personal Injury coverage, Medical Payments coverage, and Uninsured/Underinsured Driver are standard with Geico.

What does Geico ATV insurance cover?

Baseline protection for Geico policies includes personal injury and property damage, uninsured or uninsured motorists, collision and collision damage waiver, and medical payments. An optional extended coverage is also available.

Geico's insurance is highly rated by its customer base with a 4.6 star rating. Adding a GPS tracker to your ATV or UTV qualifies you for an anti-theft rebate. Geico customers report reasonable offers and fast reaction times for complaints. VisitWebsite tun geicoor call 800-442-9253.

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best forDirector

Best ATV Insurance 2023 (3)

As a division of Farmers Insurance, Foremost writes many ATV and UTV policies. Overall, it was highly recommended by the broker we interviewed as they claim that they are responsive and easy to deal with. Foremost offers affordable basic insurance with optional custom policies for modified vehicles. Customizable limits and coverage levels make Foremost one of the best ATV insurance options for any ATV or UTV owner.

What Does Formost ATV Insurance Cover?

Baseline coverage for Foremost policies includes protective gear for protective clothing, $500 for optional equipment, medical insurance, liability insurance, collision and "collision lock" which includes fire, theft, flood or vandalism. Most importantly, it covers up to $10,000 worth of your ATV or UTV trailer. If you're not already insured, almost all companies offer quotes online or over the phone. Take a look firstHomepage of the ATV insurance hereTo discover more. Foremost works directly or with a broker. Call 888-244-8092 for more information.

Most importantly, they came highly recommended by the traders and brokers I spoke to, largely due to the fact that they are responsive and easy to use. I've heard from various sources that Foremost has responded quickly to complaints and payments, and that customers have generally been very happy with their service.

best forBezirksbauernhof

Best ATV Insurance 2023 (4)

Like a good know the rest. State Farm offers SUV coverage that can be combined with home, car, business, life or more. You name it, State Farm guarantees it, and its policyholders are generally happy with their customer service. State Farm's agent network includes more than 19,000 agents across the country.

What Does State Farm ATV Insurance Cover?

State Farm Insurance covers personal injury or property damage accidentally caused while driving your snowmobile, golf cart or ATV. It also covers personal injury you suffer as a result of an accident involving an uninsured passenger. It covers damage to your snowmobile, golf cart, or ATV caused by an accident, as well as theft, fire, vandalism, and other losses, even while your OHV is in storage.

State Farm's network of roadside assistance, auto insurance, home insurance, and supplemental ATV/UTV insurance policies make this a solid choice as a single business insurance provider. For more information, seeState Farm-Websiteor by calling 833-332-1987.

best forAllstate


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Allstate is another major insurer that offers ATV and SUV policies that come with their other insurance products. Customizable limits and affordable discounts like full payment and homeowner discounts make Allstate a great choice for those who can prepay their policy.

What Does Allstate ATV Insurance Cover?

Standard Allstate policies cover third party, collision damage waiver, and collision damage. Customizable limits and additional coverage are available at the time of listing.

As with most insurance companies, bundling is the best way to save on your ATV or UTV insurance plan with Allstate. Multi-policy discounts, full payment or installment discounts, home ownership discounts, and safety courses will help bring costs down a bit. Most of the user reviews we found were very positive. For more information, seeAllstate-Websiteor by calling 866-614-3800.

frequently asked questions

Q: Is ATV insurance required?

Some lenders require insurance when financing, and some private riding arenas also require insurance. Not all states require it to be operated on public land.

Q: Does ATV insurance also cover UTV and SxS?

Yes. Almost all ATV insurers cover UTV, SxS, ATV, motorcycle, ATC and more. All policies work the same way.

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Q: How much does ATV insurance cost?

It depends on your history, the cost of the vehicle, and many other factors, but your average ATV can be insured for $25 to $50 a month. UTVs are slightly more expensive. Rising rates in the industry due to high claims ratios (many customers are reporting claims) have seen rates triple from five years ago.

Q: Does ATV insurance cover flood, fire and theft?

Most policies do this. Be sure to ask your insurance agent. Some companies, like Foremost, list coverage for fire, theft, flood, vandalism and more in the non-collision coverage category of your policy.

Q: How do I use ATV insurance?

In the event of an accident, you should document it well. It is best to speak to your insurance agent when preparing the policy to learn the best procedures for filing a claim. If necessary, you will be further informed of what is required to successfully submit your claim.

final thoughts

Insuring your ATV or UTV is a bit like insuring your car, although it's not always a legal requirement to operate your ATV. If you anticipate that it will be difficult to repair or replace your device in the event of an unforeseen and unfortunate accident, you should consider purchasing insurance. Working with most of the companies we've looked at seems pretty straightforward, and there are a lot more options than just the heavyweights listed here. If you already work with a broker to insure your home or car, give them a call to discuss your options.

Normally, if you ride a machine that is in near-original condition and doesn't have a terrible riding history, even the best ATV insurance should be an affordable way to make sure you're covered in the event of an accident. When you have a fully built and modded UTV with a bunch of additional mods, you definitely need more than just a standard guideline. So get a personalized quote from a representative to make sure you're covered.


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