41 Stylish Baby Boomer Nail Designs You'll Love - StayGlam (2023)

One of the must-have nail trends is baby boomer nails. These super chic nails feature light pink and white ombre art. It's like a French manicure, but instead of having white tips with pink nails, the colors blend together, which is why these nails are also called French Ombre or French Fade. It is unconfirmed why the trend is being dubbed Baby Boomer, but it is speculated that this is because these colors were popular for nails from the 1940s to the 1960s in what is known as the Baby Boom era. We love this look and we know you do too, so we've found 41 of the cutest designs. There are bright versions, plain and classic nails and much more. Take a look around to find your favourite.

1. Simple and elegant baby boomer nails

The first nail idea that we have to show you is simple and very elegant. Each nail is oval shaped and has the cute baby boomer design. We love the shape of the nails because it makes the ombré even more elegant. Such a manicure is stylish and suits everyone. You can wear nails like these for any occasion.

2. Baby boomer nails with a glamorous accent nail

If you want to spice up the simple manicure, you can try a glamorous nail highlight like this one. All nails are baby boomer pink and white, but one nail is also embellished with crystals. As you can see, the gems make a statement and add a bit of sparkle to your nails. You can recreate something similar, and nail crystals can be bought online.

3. Silver Shimmer und French Fade

Do you love wearing shiny nails? If so, you need to check out this next idea! Here we have baby boomer style nails but two of the nails are covered in a shiny silver sheen. Glitter nail art and French fade complement each other perfectly. Nails like these would be perfect for a special occasion and maybe even a wedding.

4. Glamorous gold leaf nails idea

Next, we will show you a modern and glamorous design. All of the nails have the baby boomer ombre, but one has a gold accent design. The accent nail is adorned with elegant gold leaf art. We love gold leaf and ombre together - it's a stunning combination. Gold leaf can be bought online and there are many online tutorials to show you how to apply it.

5. Baby boomer nails with glitter

Looking for a beautiful nail design for a special occasion? If so, you should see the following idea. Two of the nails are baby boomer ombre, two are pink with silver glitter and one nail is fully covered in glitter. It's a stunning nail design and the pink looks so pretty and elegant. You can recreate the entire look or just try pink with baby boomer nail art, that would look amazing.

6. Frozen French Ombré

The next nail idea we have to show you is simple, elegant and amazing. These nails are coffin shaped and have baby boomer nail art. We love this design because the ombre is matte giving it an icy look. It is a beautiful manicure and perfect for elegant ladies. A similar design can be created on any nail shape. Icy ombre would look amazing on almond nails.

7. Baby Boomer Stiletto Nails

Our next idea features the baby boomer design on stiletto nails. We love this combination because ombre is classy but the elegant stiletto shape makes the nail art edgier. This gives you the best of both worlds. You will have elegant and classic nails, but you will also have a modern and avant-garde look. Such a manicure is perfect for those who like to use bolder nail designs.

8. Fade und French Shine

The light shades used in baby boomer nail art blend well with almost all other colors and patterns. One color that ombre looks great with is gold. Don't just take our word for it, check out the next look. Most of the nails are in the french fade design but two nails are gold color and shiny. One nail is all gold and the other is gold and nude ombre. It's such a glamorous design and would be perfect for a night out or a party.

41 Stylish Baby Boomer Nail Designs You'll Love - StayGlam (8)

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9. Chic nails for baby boomers

Below we have a very stylish design for you to check out. The nails are round and all feature ombre nail art. A nail on each hand also features a delicate white design. The nail art is gorgeous and has a floral feel to it. Nails like these would be perfect for a bride or bridesmaid. Recreate the white look, or you can also try a light pink nail art color.

10. Unhas Baby Boomer com Crystal Accent Nails

If you like nail art with crystals, you should check out this next idea. This manicure has long coffin shaped nails. They all have a shiny baby boomer ombre and one nail on each hand also has a crystal design. Each of the accent nails has a different sparkling design and the stones really make a statement. A manicure like this is perfect for women who like to stand out and look glamorous.

11. Glamorous baby boomer nails

The next nail idea we have to show you is glamorous and elegant. All of the nails feature the Baby Boomer design, but three of the nails also feature glitter. Two nails are shiny and one has gems. It's a beautiful nail idea and would look amazing for a special occasion, you can even use a wedding style manicure.

12. Baby boomer nails with floral art

Do you love nails decorated with flowers? Then this idea could be just the thing for you. For this look, the nails are all ombre except for one. The accent nail is light pink with a stunning floral nail art. Flowers like these can be hand painted, or you can use stickers or stencils if you want to try and recreate this look yourself. You can find tutorials online for ombre and floral art.

13. Shiny and elegant nails idea

If you want a manicure that will blow your mind, you need to check out this design. Some of the nails are simple baby boomer ombre and the rest is covered in gems and silver sparkles. Nails are also shaped like a stiletto. It's a statement design and would look great for a party. Recreate the entire design or try out just one or two of the nails you like.

14. French Ombre and Chrome

It's not just the baby boomer trend that's a must-have, chrome is too. This next design combines the two. Most of the nails have the French ombre look and the rest is pink chrome. We love this idea because pink chrome looks so chic and trendy with an ombré. Nails like this are sure to please everyone and the combo can be used on any nail shape.

15. Baby boomer nails with gold details

Next we have a modern and glamorous nail design. Most of the nails are the pink and white Baby Boomer design except for one. A nail on each hand also has gold sparkles where pink should be. It is an elegant and beautiful nail idea. Recreate the golden look or use any color for the sparkle.

16. Beautiful baby boomer coffin nails

Do you love glittery nail art but want a more subtle look? Then this might just be what you're looking for. These nails are long with baby boomer nail art. A nail also has tiny gems around the cuticle. Adding little jewels to a nail like this one gives you a look that's glamorous but not over the top. You can recreate this design on any nail shape, and you can try it on a shorter length too.

41 Stylish Baby Boomer Nail Designs You'll Love - StayGlam (16)


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17. Elegant nails with pearls

Another chic combination you can try is baby boomer nails with pearls. Here is an amazing example. Most nails only have one ombre nail art except one. The accent nail features gems, pearls and a chic white nail design. Crystals and beads can be bought online and attached with nail glue.

18. Baby-Boomer-Edelsteinnägel

Our next idea is bold and glamorous. Some of the nails just have simple baby boomer nail art and the rest are embellished with sparkling crystals. As you can see, crystals really do make a statement. You can recreate this on any nail shape, but it looks best on longer nails. A manicure like this would be perfect for a party.

19. Baby Boomer Stiletto Nails with Glitter

At the beginning of the post, we introduced baby boomer stiletto nails. If you liked this idea, you might love this one too. These are stiletto nails too, but instead of a simple ombre, this manicure has a glittery accent nail. The extra shine only enhances the nails and makes them more attractive. Recreate this or try the matte and gloss combo on any nail shape.

20. French ombré nails with crystals

Make your nails stand out from the crowd with a nail design like this one. Two of the nails are a simple french ombre and the rest have a sparkling crystal design. This is a stunning nail idea and would be perfect for a special occasion. Recreate the entire manicure or go for a baby boomer ombre with just one of the crystal designs.

21. Stylish baby boomer nails

The next nail idea we have to show you is classy, ​​classy and also has a subtle shimmer to it. These nails are long and coffin shaped. A nail on each hand also has a touch of silver glitter. It's a stunning nail idea and will look amazing on anyone. A design like this is perfect for a bride as the glitter is on the ring finger. Of course, you can use such a manicure anywhere.

22. Mani Baby Boomer Simple and elegant

Next we have a simple and elegant baby boomer mani. For this look, the nails are long and painted in soft nude and white ombre. These nails are bright, beautiful, and the design appeals to everyone. Plus, these nails suit any occasion from work to weddings, making them a versatile look.

41 Stylish Baby Boomer Nail Designs You'll Love - StayGlam (22)


23. Nail design for the bride

If you want a more glamorous and stunning manicure then this is perfect for you! These nails are shorter and easier to use. Most of the nails feature a beautiful ombre while two of the nails feature glitter tips. Decorative nails are also decorated with rhinestones. It's a stunning glittery look that would be perfect for a special occasion. This manicure was created with Young Nail Australia Rosebud Cover Acrylic & Sea Spray Glitter.

24. Elegant nails with rhinestones

Rhinestones can really liven up your nails. Don't just take our word for it, check out this mani. The nails have a gorgeous ombre look and the nude is a little darker than some of the other shades we've featured. Two nails on each hand are also decorated with rhinestones. As you can see, this design would be pretty simple and subtle without the crystals, but the extra sparkle makes the mani even more special. You can buy rhinestones online and stick them with nail glue.

25. Babyboomer Soft Pink Ombré

The next nail design is simple, beautiful and elegant. For this look, the nails are medium in length and feature a soft pink and white ombre. These nails show how pretty and feminine the baby boomer trend is. You can recreate this mani or try using a different nail length and shape. The ombre suits everyone.

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26. Glitter and Baby Boomer Ombre

Do you love shiny nails? If yes, then you need to check out this next idea. Here we have a beautiful baby boomer mani. Most of the nails have ombre art, but there is one nail that is also covered in glitter. Some nails are also decorated with rhinestones. Glitter looks amazing with ombre, the combination gives the nails an amazing and elegant look. Try a similar mani or just go for ombre and glitter without the rhinestones.

27. Ombre nails with beautiful rhinestones

Then we have another rhinestone design for you. This time all the nails have the ombre effect. A nail on one side and two on the other are also decorated with rhinestones. We love this design because all the rhinestones are different shapes, sizes and colors. It's just a stunning look that's stylish too. You can recreate this or buy some rhinestones and create your own sparkling design.

28. Elegant ombre glitter nails

The next idea is brilliant again. For this look, the nails are a glossy white ombre with a glittery accent nail. Even though glitter was used, the nails still have that baby boomer look because of the color. It's just a stunning take on the trend with lots of sparkle. A manicure like this would be perfect for parties, weddings, and holiday celebrations.

29. Baby Boomer Acrylic Nail

If you want to add a little glamor to your nails but not too much then this idea is great for you. Here we have coffin shaped baby boomer ombre nails. There is also an accent nail with a small rhinestone design. A mani like this will give you a little sparkle, but in a more subtle way. Repeat this or go even more subtle by using just one rhinestone. Any design would be perfect for a bride.

41 Stylish Baby Boomer Nail Designs You'll Love - StayGlam (29)


30. Elegant Marble and Ombre Nails

Since the colors used in the baby boom trend are quite soft and light, ombre also goes well with other nail designs. This mani is a great example. Some of the nails have the chic ombre while the other nails are shiny or featureMarble nail art. We love this idea because glitter is glamorous and marble is hip. You can find easy-to-follow marble art tutorials online if you want to create the look yourself.

31. Beautiful and Stunning Mani

Then we have another beautiful and impressive idea for you. This mani features beautiful ombre coffin nails. Each nail is also decorated with shiny rhinestones. This mani shows how different rhinestone designs can create completely different nails. Create something similar or try nail art with the crystals on a different nail shape. Stiletto nails would look amazing.

32. Sparkly Ombré French Nails

This next nail idea is another one of our favorites. These nails are covered in a bright baby boomer ombre. As you can see, silver sparkles complement the ombre colors perfectly. This mani has a magical vibe and is perfect for winter. A stunning and elegant design like this would also be great for weddings.

33. Elegant ombré nails with gold accents

Baby Boomer Ombre looks amazing with other colors like gold and here is a stunning example. For this look, some nails are ombre, one is shiny and gold colored and the last nail is translucent with a gold leaf design. We love gold and baby boomer art, it's an amazing combination. Nails look glamorous. This mani would be perfect for Christmas and New Years.

41 Stylish Baby Boomer Nail Designs You'll Love - StayGlam (33)


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34. Ombre Nails and Silver Glitter

If you love your nails to shine with glitter then this is great for you! Here we have long coffin nails. Some nails have a simple ombre, one nail has glitter, the next is nude with a silver tip and the last one has an ombre with rhinestones along the cuticle. It looks impressive and attractive. A stunning mani like this would be perfect for a night out. Recreate the entire look or just one or two of the designs.

35. Elegant ombré with butterflies

We love this next nail idea! This mani features a soft ombre and one of the nails features a sophisticated butterfly design. We love butterflies and shadows because the combination is so pretty and feminine. You can recreate a similar mani or just use butterfly nail stickers on your ombré nails. Either way, your nails will look great.

36. Design-Fosco-Baby-Boom

At the beginning of the post, we mentioned that you can use a rhinestone to show off your nails. If you like the sound, you must check out this demo. Here we have a soft matte baby boomer ombre. Each nail is decorated with a rhinestone. As you can see, this creates a stunning look. Recreate this or just have a nail with the rhinestone.

37. Long coffin nails with silver glitter

Then we have another brilliant design for you. These nails are long and some are decorated with ombre, one is covered in glitter and the last nail is nude with a glitter tip. We love this manicure because it combines some of the trendiest nail designs. It's a stunning nail design that would be perfect for a night out or a party. The nail art would look great on other nail shapes too.

38. Nail with rhinestone details

The next nail idea features another stunning nail with rhinestone accents. So, for this look, the nails are painted in beautiful ombre. The accent nail features a circular rhinestone design. It's such an elegant, glamorous and trendy idea. Recreate this or place the rhinestone design on your nails. You can even wear this design for Christmas as the crystals look like a crown.

41 Stylish Baby Boomer Nail Designs You'll Love - StayGlam (38)


39. Perfect wedding nails

Cuticle nail art is another must-have nail look. This mani shows you how to wear it in style. The nails have the ombre art and one nail has a beautiful rhinestone design while the other two nails have a row of rhinestones along the cuticle. It's such a modern and impressive idea. This is perfect for the ladies who like the most unique nail art. Recreate this look or use the cuticle design on all nails.

40. Beautiful Mani Baby Boomers

If all the edgy nail art isn't for you, try a simpler baby boomer design like this one. These nails are long with a light ombre finish. It's a simple and easy-to-use mani that will appeal to everyone. Try a look similar to this one or use the ombre on any nail length and shape. This version of the trend would look stunning on shorter nails.

41. Long and elegant nail idea

Need a manicure for a special occasion? If so, this could be perfect for you. Here we have long nails. Some have baby boomer ombre while others are shiny and one nail is embellished with rhinestones. The glitter used here is very subtle but so beautiful. This is another mani that would be great for a bride.

41 Stylish Baby Boomer Nail Designs You'll Love - StayGlam (41)

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We hope you were inspired by these baby boomer nails!


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